Join us at our first
"Joy to the World"
Christmas Market and Festival!

We are thrilled to extend to you an invitation to our upcoming "Joy to the World" Christmas Market and Festival on December 2nd 2023. 9-5pm. This is a special event where the Body of Christ can come together to celebrate our Lord and Savior, Jesus, while also being a witness to our communities.

We would be honored if your church or some members of your church would participate by setting up a booth to showcase your goods. Whether you're selling baked goods, quality handcrafted items we're happy to have you join us. To support our vendors and the community, we are waiving all vendor fees. This is our way of empowering our brothers and sisters to bless others. You get to keep any proceeds that you earn and are free to use them as you wish, whether it be to donate to your favorite charity or follow wherever the Lord leads you.

In addition to the market, we are also opening our outdoor stage for worship teams and church choirs to perform. If your church is interested, we have 35-45 minute slots available. This is a great opportunity for your congregation to showcase your talents and services to the community.

If you're interested in participating, we have two links available for you. One is for vendors and makers who wish to sell or showcase their products, and the other is for teams interested in participating in the musical aspect of the event. Please review all application details carefully before applying to ensure a clear understanding of what is required and what is provided.

So come and join us as we celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. We hope to see you at the "Joy to the World" Christmas Market and Festival.